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The word “Imara” is a Swahili word meaning, “firm, strong, resolute.”  Imara Counseling Services, LLC  is an independent counseling practice that provides person-centered therapeutic services for a wide variety of mental, behavioral, and psycho-social concerns.

Psychotherapy is a challenging, rewarding, and profound process of change and self-discovery. ICS offers clients a respectful, warm, and curious place to explore their feelings, consider the dynamics of the past, and work toward living a more wholistic life that is not saddled with the challenges of negative patterns and painful emotions.

ICS works with teenagers and adults, individuals and couples providing marital, family counseling and pre-marital education.

Past clients have found their therapist to be direct, warm, and nonjudgmental. ICS prioritizes helping clients feel heard and validated for who they are, and the choices (good or bad) that they have made. ICS relies on a variety of approaches to therapy, including relational, cognitive-behavioral, and person-centered modalities. ICS’ specialties include trauma, relationship and intimacy challenges, mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, grief recovery, adjustment issues, addictions (drug, alcohol, pornography, gambling), as well as life transitions at all stages.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or would like to talk with the ICS therapist please fill out the contact information which can be found below.