Anxiety is a normal part of life
We all know what anxiety feels like. It’s that jittery, tingly and heart-racing sensation that spreads across your body when you’re faced with a problem, uncertainty or a major life event. The feeling is not quite that of fear or stress, though they do have quite a bit in common.

For some, those feelings dissipate once the matter has been worked out. For others, the anxiety does not go away. In fact, it can often get worse over time, and can interfere with your daily activities, including work, school and relationships. This is called an anxiety disorder, and anxiety counseling can help.

Do I Need To Seek Help For Anxiety?

Anxiety can affect you in many ways, ranging from mild to disruptive and overwhelming. You may feel tense or uncomfortable, and suffer from excessive sweating, trembling, nausea, irritability, difficulty breathing or a racing heartbeat.

Your mind may be overrun by worry, confusion, obsession, frustration, irritability or despair. Sometimes, these feelings or symptoms may come on suddenly and strongly, which can be a sign that you’re having a panic attack.

If any of this sounds or feels familiar to you, we’re here to help.