Online Counseling

You don’t have to miss your next appointment because you can’t make it into our office. Online therapy is a great option for people who can’t leave the house, travel frequently, work from home, have moved or who might not otherwise seek counseling.

Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

Online therapy is a great option for:
  •   Anyone sheltered-in-place
  •   People who travel often for work or pleasure
  •   Professionals with offices at multiple locations, making live sessions inconvenient
  •   Individuals who are unsure about how therapy can help them and want to try online counseling before meeting with a live person
  •   Couples in long-distance relationships
  •   Individuals who want to meet more frequently than work schedule will allow
  •   People who live in rural areas with few therapists
  •   Current patients who have relocated in state and want to continue working with their existing therapist