Makedah Johnson, LMSW

Makedah Johnson, LMSW

  • Position: Psychotherapist
  • Experience: Older Teenagers and Young Adults, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma
  • Location: 14502 Greenview Drive, Suite 202, Laurel, Maryland 20708
  • Email:
  • Phone: (240) 581-1500

Meet Mekedah


Hello! My name is Makedah Johnson and I am a Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LMSW) with two years of experience as a mental health therapist. I have worked with children, teens, adults, and families of different identities and backgrounds with various concerns. These concerns include: ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, grief, trauma, and familial/relationship challenges. I am passionate about working with older teens (16+) and young adults (18-35) experiencing challenges with life and role transitions, relationships, self-worth, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also value discussing the role that systemic oppression and the intersection of one’s identities inform how they navigate their personal relationships and in society.


If living through 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can be unpredictable. There are many things out of our personal control that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and even powerless. As a therapist, I aim to provide a safe, compassionate space for you to recognize your power and strengths to navigate the highs, lows, and lulls of your journey. I believe that people are the experts in their lives and are their own most powerful agents of change.


Through taking a person-centered approach that is understanding of your needs, circumstances, and values, I am here to listen, empathize, and work with you to achieve your goals. When engaging with all of my clients, I use a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens that validates all aspects of your identities and experiences. Being adaptable is a key aspect of my practice, so I incorporate principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Mindfulness to meet you where you are to support your needs.


Taking the first step to change can be intimidating and it takes an enormous amount of courage to get there. I commend you for seeking change, and I am excited to hopefully accompany and support you through this process!