When looking for a child therapist, you should find someone who is compassionate, understanding, kind and patient. 

It’s tough being a kid in our modern world. Child therapy can help your loved one learn to cope with those profoundly stressful challenges.  Today, the expectations placed on your children are higher than ever. Schools are becoming more and more competitive, while peer pressure, hormones, bullying and normal adolescent rebellion can influence your child’s life. Plus, they now have to circumnavigate the challenges of growing up in an digital society.

Does my kid need therapy?

There are many ways your child may show you that they are in distress. For some, it’s acting out, fighting, having temper tantrums or bullying their peers. For others, their warning signs may be withdrawing, shutting down emotionally, falling behind in school or ignoring you.

While some behavioral patterns may simply be a part of your child’s personality, external influences can also play a big role. Child therapy can help identify the root causes, which can include: